EventHaus is thrilled to announce we have been honored as one of the 40 best performing companies in South Carolina. Twenty large companies and 20 small companies have been named to the statewide Roaring Twenties list presented annually by SC Biz News. This honor recognizes the state’s best-performing companies based on both dollar and percentage increases in revenue from 2013-2014.

“EventHaus is privileged to be named one of the best performing companies in the state by SC Biz News,” said Matt McKeown, President of EventHaus. “Years ago, we started a small event rental company that has grown into one of the leading rental providers in the Southeast. We take pride in running a small business that employees more than 40 people and adds to the economic vitality of our area.”

In order to qualify for the Roaring Twenties designation, companies must have a physical presence in South Carolina and be a for-profit entity or a nonprofit organization (EXCEPT FOR: government entities and charitable organizations, including 501(c)3 organizations. These types of nonprofits are not eligible).

Company size was determined by gross revenue: A small company was considered as having $10 million and under in revenue. Large companies were classified as having over $10 million in revenue. Small companies must have had revenues of at least $500,000 each year for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Profiles of the winning companies will be published in the winter issue of SCBIZ magazine. The winners will be honored at an event on Oct. 28 at the Marriott Columbia.