It’s time to lounge in style at events.

We all want to put on an event that feels distinct, personalized and, most of all, fun!

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, party, festival or corporate event, lounges provide the perfect atmosphere for guests to relax, mingle and enjoy themselves in a unique setting. They encourage party-goers to move freely throughout the venue and socialize comfortably. No matter how formal an event, adding a lounge area to a space can create a more dynamic, eye-catching and memorable experience.

When combined with multiple food stations and bars, lounges are the ideal place for guests to stop for a quick bite or drink before heading back to the dance floor or main event area. Lounges are also perfect for adding extra seating to an event, while maintaining the custom, high-end appeal of your existing decor. Also, they are known to help the overall flow through a venue.

As this trend continues to grow, EventHaus collects an array of lounge furniture including chairs, couches, tables and ottomans that invite your guests to kick-back, mix, mingle and relax. To fit any look or theme, we have lounge accessories ranging from modern to vintage or traditional.

Find a few popular pieces that will elevate your event’s look and feel…

Our leather quarter round is a characteristic, modern couch that keeps the lounge area from becoming closed off. This sought-after piece injects some round lines into an event layout and creates a statement piece within a lounge.

For a more vintage feel, try incorporating our Provence couch into the design. The beautiful seating option comes with its own collection, including a coffee table, bench, arm chair and side table, and can easily transport attendees to the French countryside.

Ottomans are great lounge pieces both aesthetically and functionally. Our new white leather one or our tried-and-true tufted ottoman provide casual seating options that can be stylishly arranged with chairs, couches and side tables to create a themed setting.

New and notable to EventHaus’ lounge inventory are three pieces that are flying off our warehouse shelves this spring – our linen settee, Astoria arm chair and country side table.

Invite your guests to make themselves at home with any combination of these pieces.

Why a lounge?

Ultimately, we see lounges as a great way to extend your theme and overall design. With our coastal weather, we love incorporating indoor furniture into outdoor lounge areas. It’s an unexpected twist seeing those pieces outdoors, and always makes for a more memorable statement. We suggest having heaters, torches and candles to make it the perfect spot for guests to have conversation. Your lounge should be comfortable and inviting and reflect the rest of your event décor.

Stop by our showroom to see how EventHaus can help you transform your next social event with a truly unique and impressive lounge area.