As of July 2015, EventHaus has [officially] been in business for a year, and what an incredibly exciting and rewarding year it has been! Last July, our team formed after the merger of Event DRS and haus. We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate this huge milestone, reflect on our successes and share our gratitude with so many friends, businesses, planners and clients that have supported us throughout the last twelve months. As we blow out the candles to year one, we wanted to share some of our big wins and things we’ve learned along the way:

1. Creating a company is about building a brand, it’s not just a new name
We were overwhelmed by the seamless adoption and positive response to the new EventHaus brand. Virtually over night, after the launch party at the SC Aquarium, people became familiar with our new logo, fleet of orange colored trucks and uniforms. We began processing orders, working hard to exceed clients’ expectations and building community relationships as EventHaus.

2. With more inventory comes new opportunities
Our skew of rental items doubled overnight. With a loaded list of selections and new full-service capabilities, EventHaus was able to widen its range of clients, offering everything from salad forks to sailcloth tents – truly a one stop shop when it comes to designing an event space. Items including our farmhouse tablesinfinity chairs and gold lucca flatware quickly became our best sellers and other top, unique rentals like our tentscafe lighting, wood plank flooringcrystal chandeliers and settee lounge furniture rounded out the list, to help set our company apart.

3. People are our greatest asset
As our client list grew, so did the EventHaus team. We welcomed many new employees during our first year. With our team growth came a boost in company culture and morale. After our launch, employees were especially proud to represent EventHaus and rock our orange and yellow colors. This boost in esteem has increased our sales, improved our client relations and resulted in good vibes around the office and warehouse. We wouldn’t be here without our employees who exude amazing customer service. They are our greatest asset and we will always be proud and thankful of the EventHaus team.

4. Client relationships make the world go round
Through all the changes of the past year, our clients [new and old] have been by our side. We know that our success is due to customer satisfaction and the amazing partnerships we have had the opportunity and fortune to form over the years. We are so lucky to be located in this city we love, surrounded by a talented community of event partners.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our inaugural year. We’re excited for the adventures ahead, here’s to year two of EventHaus! Service. Style. Selection. Delivered.