How to Make a Proposal Memorable

One of the most important and memorable moments in your life will be how you propose to the love of your life. Of course, you will want everything to be perfect, which may cause you to overthink every aspect of the planning process. The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect proposal, just what is perfect for the two of you. To help spark some inspiration, below you can find some ways to help make the momentous moment in your life just a bit easier.


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Know her well

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to know enough about your partner so that you can create the most ideal and meaningful experience around that. You aren’t going to want to take her to a vineyard to propose if she doesn’t drink or take her up in the air for a hot air balloon ride if she is afraid of heights, right?! Consider your significant other’s likes and dislikes, tastes, current activities and hobbies when planning out your surprise. It is also important to note that timing is everything as well. Don’t choose to propose at a time where your partner is stressed or overwhelmed. This will be one of the happiest moments in both of your lives, so you want to take her feelings into consideration.

Parents’ permission

Despite the fact you may think it is too traditional for a modern day proposal, asking for your partner’s parents’ permission prior to popping the question is not only a sign of respect, but also an enduring way to make them feel involved. Knowing you have the approval of her parents can help ease your mind during the process as well.


The Ring

The ring

Determine whether you want to propose with a ring or purchase it afterwards. Sure, it may seem odd to pop the question without the ring, but modern day approaches seem to be taking over traditions nowadays. The majority of couples are now picking out their rings together, so it’s okay if you want to let your future fiancé pick the ring. In fact, it can be a very exciting part of the process of getting engaged. When you purchase an engagement ring together, you are able to not only choose the ring of her dreams, but you’re also given the chance to discuss budget within your financial capability.

The setting

Wherever you choose to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage, just make sure to make it meaningful. Choose a location that has become memorable throughout the course of your relationship; for example, the location where you first met, had your first date or even your first kiss. Incorporating sentimental aspects into your proposal will be sure to tug on her heart strings!


the setting

The tone

Setting the tone around your proposal can be based off many things. Of course, almost every girl would love to agree to forever with their significant other in a romantic setting, however, you should incorporate your personalities into the proposal as well. If you were both class clowns and enjoy a good prank or laugh, then a less serious proposal such as tying the ring to a fishing line or kite may work in your favor. Nevertheless, you should try to keep your marriage proposal light and fun and if you do choose to take the silly route, just make sure your significant other has the same sense of humor! No matter how you go about proposing, it is important to keep it simple. The more complicated the marriage proposal is, the more things that could go wrong with your proposal plans. It is best to just focus on the bigger picture:  your love for your partner. With all of that in mind, all will go well!


Guest Blog written by Amanda Hennigan

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