They say some things get better with age. Although planning a wedding may not necessarily be better, it has certainly become a less stressful process. Wedding ceremonies have been around for centuries, but the way in which couples plan for and celebrate them has changed drastically. Let’s go back in time and pinpoint a few wedding planning aspects that have evolved over the years, and see just how much the times have changed:


Venue Necessities: In year’s past, couples typically swapped “I do’s” in houses of worship, and convened to country clubs or banquet halls for the reception. Tables and other furniture- and decor-related accommodations were available on-site for wedding guests and couples to utilize; the fact that these options were most often available upon renting venue space left couples with limited options as far as location went. Now, couples can rent tents, flooring, lighting, and even furniture for their special day in one place, and do the bulk of the planning via email. Instead of a paper catalog and price listings, archives for furniture and other venue needs can be found right online along with some ideas for inspiration. The convenience of companies like this makes it easier than ever to have your dream venue, whether it’s an outdoor garden wedding, a barn, or even a museum. The possibilities have become (almost) endless!


Food: Catering was more commonly done in-house, too, unless the family decided to do their own cooking for an outdoor wedding. These days, online planners or other types of food vendors from off-site are able to make food dreams come true. This allows couples to not be restricted to venues that offer catering services, or being stuck making copious amounts of food for guests by hand. Not to mention, wedding food is getting creative! From signature cocktail and coffee bars, to taco buffets and make-your-own s’mores, weddings are all about trying something new, fun, and interactive for guests to enjoy. The more unique, the better, and this is a trend that isn’t stopping anytime soon!


Formal Wear: Attire can sometimes be the most time-consuming and stressful aspect of putting a wedding together. With all eyes on the couple, it’s important that they look their best. In the past, it was almost essential for brides and grooms to go to countless fitting appointments for their purchased suit, tuxedo, or wedding dress. This is not only a time drainer, but it can also be costly for a one-day event. Lately, renting is all-the-rage; it gives couples time to focus on other aspects of their wedding and allows them to try on their big-day looks in the comfort of their own home. Online rental sites like Rent the Runway have wedding concierge packages, which can save brides and bridesmaids some major cash and allow them to rock designer brands while doing it! For a groom and his guys, companies like The Black Tux also have rental options for suits and tuxedos, making it easier than ever for the groom to complete the task of finding the perfect tuxedo style that makes him look and feel great.


Whether a couple chooses to stick to tradition or starts to bend the rules, their wedding day is all about celebrating the love they share and the memories they will cultivate as a married couple. What are some of your favorite wedding traditions and modern-day takes on them?

Guest blog written by:

Samantha Morris  |  The Black Tux:  Premium Suit & Tuxedo Rentals, Delivered.